We live in a digital age. Yet our data dies with us.

We’re talking about data with all the feels - the sentimental stuff like videos, images, and voice notes. That final message sent, or file read. Puff, gone - inaccessible to your nearest and dearest, forever.
Then there’s the dull stuff - legal files, client work, financials, business data - things that remain critically important to those still in the land of the living.
And let’s not forget the access to your social accounts - with an entire LIFE worth of memories and many connections.

Device security is good while you’re alive. But bad when you’re dead.

Our tech remembers our complex passwords for us. Keeping everything safe and secure. A little too secure, actually. Because once you’ve passed over, your data becomes inaccessible. Forever.

So, what next for your family and friends?

Think that they can just contact Apple, Google or Microsoft? Yeah, good luck with that. Not even the FBI could convince Apple to help them crack a suspected terrorist’s phone.

Your daily life is defined by digital devices - smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet.

EVERYONE stores vital data on their devices. But few share their logins in an act of preparation for unexpectedly falling off the face of the earth.
But, being pragmatic and always prepared, maybe YOU do. Maybe you’ve already shared your passes with someone you’d trust with your life. We’re sorry to say, but you could have a problem... or three:

1. Your trusty confidante could lose your passwords.

2. Their tech could get stolen... along with your passwords. Queue a huge headache (and perhaps financial loss) in this life.

3. You both get hit by truck, and die hand in hand.

Time for a re-think.

Introducing 'Pass On'

Four steps. Data that lives forever. Here we go...


Enter any text that you think people may need to know

Things you may consider leaving:

  • • Computer password
  • • Phone PIN
  • • Encrypted file locations and passwords
  • • Two-Factor Authentication details
  • • Code to safe
  • • Location of your will
  • • A message for business associates or loved ones


Your data is encrypted and split into 3 QR codes

This all happens on your device.

Your data is not sent anywhere.


Send a QR code to 3 people of your choice

You could even keep 1 yourself for additional security, but be sure to leave it accessible by printing it out and entering it's location into the app.


Only when all 3 QR codes are ‘scanned back’ into the app will it decode your passwords, pins and data

Not a digit of your data is EVER stored on or sent to ANY server - it’s all scrambled and squeezed into each QR code - which can be emailed, printed out and put away to await the far off day that you pass away.

Now you can relax. And stop watching that traffic quite so closely.

Download Pass On today for FREE!